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After Sunday is about making small changes in our everyday life and work.  Share your experiences of taking up the After Sunday Challenge.


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After Sunday is built upon and inspired by the work of many different groups and networks. Follow the links here to these networks and explore more about the connection between faith, daily life and work.

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Our resources for small groups to explore the issues at the heart of After Sunday. Free to download, the 'Essence of After Sunday' resources are offered as either a series or can be explored as stand alone sessions.

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Books, articles, web pages and networks which have inspired After Sunday.


Put faith to work in the business of the Kingdom of God

"Many Christians are living out their lives as the church dispersed in the world of business and commerce every day. They are involved daily in building the Kingdom and have the daily challenge of living by a set of values that the world thinks are mad. Their counter-cultural work and calling needs to be recognised, affirmed and supported. We bring to the table a particular perspective – the vision of justice and righteousness that comes from a creative and generous God. It is not as if we are the only ethically minded people on the block – far from it. But what we are called to in Christ often asks of us more, and beckons us to a bigger vision. All of life is religious and there is a desperate need to reconnect the sacred and the secular. There is no more urgent time than now to break down the compartmentalised thinking that separates trust in God from the world of work. There needn't be a separation between what goes on in church and in our prayers – and what goes on in the office or in the boardroom or on the shop floor."

Read Archbishop John Sentamu's article in full

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