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Our Christian faith is a practical down to earth way of life that is expressed and worked out in the ordinary and the everyday. This can be a real challenge and source of great joy.

In this section we explore some of the issues involved as we seek to make connections between faith and daily work and life.  We are very interested to hear of your experiences and invite you to share your stories about the practical issues involved and how you and others have addressed them.


The Essence of After Sunday in Practice

After Sunday builds on a long heritage of individuals and organisations who have worked hard to make strong connections between Sunday and Monday.  In this section we identify some of these organisations and acknowledge the work they are doing.


Vocation in Practice

God calls each of us to a vocation that is mainly worked out in the course of daily work and life.  In this section we explore some of the issues of living with a sense of purpose and vocation and how we can sustain each other in our callings.


God and Work in Practice

Our daily work, which is much more than having a paid job, is the main means through which we express our creativity and develop our sense of self worth.  How do we encounter God in the course of our daily work and life and what are some of the practical issues of living faithfully at work 


Reflective Living in Practice

There are many complex issues and dilemmas to be addressed in everyday life and the Christian faith has a distinct perspective to bring to these discussions and debates.  How is the Christian faith seen as being relevant to everyday public life and engage in ways that are transforming and life-giving for all.


Discipleship in Practice

The church exists in gathered form  - say at Sunday worship, and also in a dispersed form as we are yeast and salt in the world being the church in the world.  What does it mean to be the church in daily life and to live as faithful disciples in all the places where we engage with 

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