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God and Work in Practice


What do we mean by work?

Work is more than having a job. We work every day. What is work for some people is a hobby for others.  Work can be a source of joy and fulfilment. It can also be a drudge, stressful and de-humanising.


Change at Work

The nature and patterns of our daily work will change many times during our lives. How do we best navigate our way through the transitions we face in our working lives?


The Joy of Work?

Download After Sunday's presentation from the LICC conference (April 2010), entitled The Joy of Work? This presentation covers what work is, engaging with the work of God, humanising our work and breaking down the sacred/secular divide.

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Work Dilemmas

How do we face the difficult situations and ethical dilemmas we meet in our daily work ?  How does our faith inform and guide us to transform the difficult situations the we encounter? 

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After Sunday Resources Catalogue

Our resources for small groups to make sense of life and daily work with God. Free to download, the 'God and Work' resources are offered as a series of 7 sessions, or can be explored as stand-alone sessions.

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Further Reading

Books, articles, web pages and networks which have inspired After Sunday's views on God and Work.

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