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After Sunday Hymns

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Listen to the After Sunday Hymn

Listen to the After Sunday hymn, sung by 'The Sundial Singers', a small choir based in Darlington.

After Sunday Hymn by Canon Rosalind Brown

Your challenge comes to serve you in the world,
to trace your presence in life's daily round, 
hear your clear call to come and follow you
and find in all our work your holy ground. 

This world is yours! We meet you everywhere:
we turn a stone and find that you are there,
each step we take is but to follow you,
the work we do is but your work to share.

You call us friends and bid us work with you,
within your world to live with graceful hope;
give us the wit and will to grasp your ways
and glimpse the wonder of your kingdom's scope.

Enlarge our vision, Lord, until we dare
to serve you boldly and create a place
where love is real and raw, love can be touched,
your kingdom comes in all its vibrant grace.

Make us the prophets of your life and hope,
the servant people of a world restored,
send us to live our daily life with joy,
to go in peace to love and serve you, Lord.

Rosalind Brown
Copyright ©2008 Rosalind Brown
Tune: Woodlands ('Tell Out My Soul')

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