6.25am on Tuesday 16 July 2024

Faith Life Conversations

Faith Life Conversations are a fun and stimulating way of connecting all of our life together and discovering God at the centre

What is a Faith Life Conversation

As Christians, it is important for us to feel that our faith is relevant to, and underpins every aspect of our daily life. Our faith has to make sense and be worked out in our own particular context.

At it’s heart, the Gospel transforms us and our thinking, and the world around us, as we follow a Christ who is alive in the everyday. As human beings we face all sorts of issues and challenges at all stages of our life, and have to make decisions about how best we respond to particular issues. We want our faith to speak into these situations to give us fresh energy and perspectives, and that is where this conversation process should begin.

Prayerfulness is at the heart of our relationship with God, and helps us to ensure that the action we take is grounded within that relationship.

The conversational process outlined here help us explore, with others, fresh ways of understanding and responding to the challenges we encounter in life. In this way, we become more open to the possibilities of God’s transforming power.

Through this process, we may find ourselves called to respond in ways that may seem new, or even risky. But we do so having thought carefully about our faith in God, and the way that it has been revealed and interpreted throughout the ages.

We hope that as you engage in conversations with others, using the process, that you will find a new sense of freedom and hope and see new possibilities in everyday work and life. 

How to get started

Here are some ideas that will help you to get started with and support you in your Faith Life Conversations


"This is a timely and important educational tool for encouraging Christians to reflect on how their faith impacts the world, and how the world impacts their faith. William Temple once said that for Christians to shape the social order in which they live for the better, it would have to be based on the 'ordinary interaction of ordinary people' with one another. This is about the Church finding its identity beyond its own walls and learning how it can be more effective in living out transformational Gospel values."
Dr Chris Baker, Director of Research, William Temple Foundation


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