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What to talk about?

What topics are suitable for Faith Life Conversation?

Since God is Lord of all life, there is no topic or issue that affects us as human beings that is outside God’s interest and concerns and where God’s purposes can be discerned.  Through conversation with each other we might be helped to think about how we respond in new ways to the issue.

Here is a list of thoughts starters which have arisen from discussions with various groups. 

One of the best sources of suitable topics is to look at current copies of newspapers or news feeds like BBC News and ask members of the group to select stories that attract their attention or interest.

Send us your suggestions too please.

About Family Life and life Stage

  • Getting married
  • Money issues /debt
  • Being a good parent
  • Empty nesting
  • Grand-parenting
  • Getting older
  • Caring for elderly /ill relatives
  • Handling bereavement and loss
  • Living alone

About Work and Ethical dilemmas

  • Changing jobs / re-organisation at work
  • Dealing with success and failure
  • Growing through redundancy
  • Handling stress
  • Specific ethical dilemmas relating to your work
  • Facing a productive retirement
  • What am I worth?

About Spirituality / religion

  • Supporting friends with serious illnesses
  • Explaining faith to colleagues /friends
  • What does it mean to live 'in prayer'?
  • Forgiveness
  • Conflict in churches
  • Doing more silence and meditation

About the wider Community  

  • Who is my neighbour?
  • Respecting young people
  • Economic regeneration
  • Wider environmental issues and concern -NIMBY
  • Why is there so much anger in the world?
  • Youth unemployment
  • What is acceptable health care?
  • Why is our education system failing so many?

Can you please tell us about conversations that you have been part of and what came out of them.

Use the Conversation Summary page to share with others the kind of conversation that you had and how it progressed.  This can help and encourage others to have a go.

"It is very seldom that Christianity offers a solution to practcial problems.  What it can do is lift the parties to a level of though and feeling at which the problem disappears". Willaim Temple Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-1944

Suggestions for suitable topics for Faith Life Conversations

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