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Work Dilemmas

In this section we explore the dilemmas people face at work. Ethical choices need to be made and hard decisions must be taken. The big question is - what would you do?

The following is an extract from The Guardian :

While working on a project in your new job – where you're still on probation – you notice that the expensive software is licensed to somewhere completely different. It's a pirated copy. Furthermore, you used to work at the company that made it, where piracy levels led to the last round of cost cuts that pushed you out of the door. You could report the company anonymously to the Federation Against Software Theft. The fines might put the company out of business, or reduce the number of people it can employ. Or you could turn a blind eye, which means your former co-workers aren't getting paid for their effort. What do you do?

From The Guardian Wednesday 30 September 2009

This dilemma is faced by many people in different contexts. What are the costs, what might you lose, what might the companies involved do?

Have your say - have you ever faced this dilemma? How would you move forward?

Would you report the pirated software?

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