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After Sunday Challenge

We grow most effectively in our Christian discipleship by learning from one another and by sharing stories and experiences. The After Sunday Challenge is an encouragement to do just that.

The After Sunday Challenge

/images/adam the gardener smaller.JPGThe After Sunday Challenge is about living out our faith in ways that make a real difference in the world where we live and work.

It is about discerning God's activity in the world and joining in with what he is doing as partners in building his Kingdom in earth.

It is about being an agent of God's transforming and reconciling love in the world right where we are.

The After Sunday Challenge is for us to make a real difference in the world as we seek to live out our faith in partnership with God

Can you take up the challenge of identifying a
real and positive difference that you can make in the places where you live and work?

After Sunday is interested to hear about the things you have done, the issues you have struggled with and the differences you have made.

Please share your experiences of making a difference and the learning you have gained.

Let us know how you get on.

The Church is indeed a very special vehicle but it only exists to move on the dirty and dangerous roads where the Kingdom of God has to be shaped.

A spirituality which serves the mission of God, therefore, inevitably has an earthy, social dimension. Indeed it will seek 'contaminating contact' with the world for which Christ died, for there the struggle for life rather than death is keenest and there the liberating story of Jesus will be heard most clearly.

From Practical Theology in Action by Paul Ballard and John Pritchard

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