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This Essence of After Sunday section offers 5 short sessions which explore the key ideas that underpin After Sunday thinking.  Each of the topics below offers an introduction which is then followed up in more depth in the other resource sections.

You could use any of these 5 sessions in this section individually or as part of a short course that we have called Follow Me on Monday. This would be an excellent course for Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost or Advent.


Click on the session title to expand a description, download session materials and listen to an audio guide for the session. In the section you can find files to download that have all the materials for the facilitator or group member for the whole course.

FM1 Faithful Following

The invitation of Jesus is simply to ‘follow me’. As we seek to live as disciples who follow, we have to work out our own sense of calling or vocation. We want to explore a broad understanding of the word vocation which can apply to everyone and makes sense of following Jesus in our work and daily life. In this session we will explore what having a calling or vocation means and particularly, how we can work out how best to follow as the unique person we have each been made to be.

FM2 Wholly Living

There is a divide which still tends to dominate our view of the Christian life. This is the separation between the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’.  What do we mean by these terms and how do these ideas shape or limit our thinking about the activity of God in daily work and life? What does it mean to live beyond the divide? This session encourages you in your discipleship, to recognise and respond to the ‘sacred’ in the ordinary and helps us to think more widely about our encounter with God in daily work and life.

Useful Resources

  • Click here for a Slide show of images to discuss whether they are 'sacred or secular'. This link is to a Google Slideshow, which you can use directly with an internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection during your session, simply download the slide show as a Powerpoint using the 'File' menu in the top right corner, then 'Download As', then select 'Powerpoint'. The slide show can then be saved to your machine for use during the session.

FM3 Called to Partnership

Work is integral to who we are as human beings.  Work is the means by which we express our creativity in living as disciples.  It shapes our identity and it has deep impression on our psychological, social and spiritual well being.  Above all then, we may say that work is fundamental because it is to do with how we collaborate with God, how we are partners with God. Work is so much more than having a paid job and it has many different forms. This unit offers an introduction to these themes and begins to explore them from the perspective of living faithfully and hopefully.

FM4 Raising our Eyes

Through our discipleship in daily life we find ourselves caught up in God’s transfiguring and transforming work.  We are being changed and renewed, as is the world around us.  How do we perceive the world around us now? How might we look at the world differently, through the eyes of Christ? In this session, we explore habits of discipleship and reflection, which enable us to attend to the world and engage in God’s transfiguring and transforming love. 

FM5 Go in Peace

Discipleship is personal but not individualistic. At our baptism we become part of the Church.  We are commissioned to shine as lights in the world to the glory of God, and our journey of discipleship begins. How do we understand what it means to belong to and be part of the Church, and to keep focussed on the hope that we have in Jesus Christ in everyday situations? This session explores what we mean by ‘church’ and how we live as the church in the world.

Useful Resources

  • Post it notes or slips of paper (enough for 5 each)

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