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After Sunday Stories

In this section we are gathering stories of how people see their faith and work linking together. We are collecting stories from a wide cross section of occupations and different kinds of work. The stories are not intended to make us feel exhausted with admiration but aim to explore the day-to-day realities of the struggle of faith at work and what sense we make of our vocations.

We are grateful to those who are willing to tell their stories and have them reproduced here. Our thanks go to them.

Meg's Story: Daring to be Different

She dares to be different in living her faith daily in the challenging environment of a secondary school.

Daniel's Story: Great Things in Plastic

Creating a product or a relationship that meet people's needs is Daniel's valuable ministry.

Chris's Story: Ministry Behind the Scenes

As second head verger of Durham Cathedral, he hopes to enable others to find value for God and for themselves.

Sarah's Story: Working for the Kingdom

Sarah works as a physician, working to create a community in the spirit of the Kingdom.

John's Story: A Ministry Under Construction

John works on a busy building site - surrounded by creation and transformation.

Lynne's Story: A Walking Faith

As a breast cancer nurse, Lynne Smooker faces the extremes of life and death on a daily basis.

John's Story: A Story Rich Life

John Lawson has not only faced the challenge of integrating his life and work, but also his homosexuality.

Rob Darling: And God saw that it was good.

 Read the story of Rob Darling, A Farmer who speaks about the links between faith and work.

John Holmes: Passionate Person, Passionate Faith

John’s passion for the new hope that regeneration can bring is infectious, working hand in hand with God to bring hope to desparate situations.

Ray Bolam

Living a Christain life with integrity in a male dominated sales environment

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