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After Sunday Survey Results

The After Sunday survey is designed to assess the need for strengthening the connection between faith work and daily life. As we collect more views from individuals and different groups we will publish the summary of results in this section.  We hope to be able to learn from good practices and share good ideas.

If you would like to take the survey before viewing the results, then you can do it online or download a printable version for use with your church.  Please send us your results in a summary form so we can add them to the total to date.

Greenbelt Survey 2009

In August 2009 we took After Sunday to Greenbelt Festival.  A significant part of our Greenbelt experience was asking people to complete our survey, which we hope gives a good picture of the current connections made between church, faith and daily life.
Below are the results. 150 people were surveyed, over the weekend 28th-30th August 2009.

1. People at my church have little knowledge of what I do during the week, or the issues I face


Over half of respondents (55%) agreed (or strongly agreed) that people at their church had little knowledge of what they did during the week. Only 10% strongly disagreed with this statement.

2. I have had little practical guidance from the church about ways to connect my faith with my daily work


Over half of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with this statement (56%). Only 6% strongly disagreed.

3. The church values me more for the work I do inside the church than for what I do in my daily work


60% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and only 24% disagree. Less than 1 in 10 strongly disagreed. 

4. When the church uses the term 'calling', it generally means to a role within the church


More than half of respondents (55%) agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. However, 1 in 3 people felt that the church used the term calling in a wider sense than just roles within the church.

5. I struggle to use the resources of my faith to inform the challenges I face in daily work and life


The majority of people (58%) disagreed or strongly disagreed with this statement and felt that their faith was helping them to work through the challenges they face in daily work and life.

6. It is simpler to keep my faith and my daily work in separate compartments


Over half of people (60%) did not agree with this statement. Most respondents felt that faith and daily life were not in separate compartments.

7.  I find it hard sometimes to recognise the activity of God in the middle of my work and daily life


Over half of people taking the survey felt that they could see and recognise the activity of God in the middle of their work and life. 15% felt strongly that they could recognise God's activity whereas only 7% strongly agreed that it was difficult.

8.  There are few opportunities in my church to talk about my experience of meeting God at work


59% of people felt that there were few opportunities to talk about their experience of God at work, in church. More than 1 in 5 strongly agreed with this statement.

9.  My church feels like another thing to fit in to a life, full of parts competing for my attention


36% of people who completed the survey felt that church was not just another thing to fit into their lives. On the other handnearly 50% did feel that it was just another part of their lives competeign for attention.

10.  The church doesn’t really help me to grow in confidence to engage with my work in ways that are hopeful and transforming


34% of respondents felt that their church was helping them to grow as confident disciples who coudl engage with their work in hopeful and transforming ways.


September 2009


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