1.34pm on Thursday 13 June 2024

The After Sunday Survey

We are keen to hear your views about how you see the need for After Sunday.


1. People at my church have little knowledge of what I do during the week or the issues I face
2. I have had very little practical guidance from the church about ways to connect my faith with my daily work
3. The church values me more for the work I do inside the church than for what I do in my daily work
4. When the church uses the term 'calling', it generally means a call to a role within the church
5. I struggle to use the resources of my faith to inform the challenges in daily work and life
6. It is much simpler to keep my faith and my daily work in separate compartments
7. I find it hard sometimes to recognise the activity of God in the middle of my work and daily life
8. There are very few opportunities to talk about my experience of God at work
9. My church feels like another thing to fit in to a life, full of parts competing for my attention
10. The church doesn't really help me to grow in confidence to engage with my work in ways that are hopeful and transforming

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