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After Sunday in a Nutshell

A quick overview of After Sunday.

Today, After Sunday is a resource to the whole church, which comprises 2 sections; Resources and In Practice.

Through using the After Sunday Resources, we hope that small groups, both in church contexts and in the context of daily life, will make sense of daily life in God. Our resources cover the main areas of Vocation, Reflective Living, Discipleship and Work (in addition to a set of resources focussed on the essence of After Sunday thinking). Each set of resources is made up of between 6 and 8 sessions and are free to download. 

After Sunday In Practice is a section of articles, links, ideas and questions which we hope will provide some of the tools needed to live out the ideas of After Sunday that can be explored through the resources.

After Sunday began life as a project funded by the mission fund of the Diocese of Durham. In the past few years it has grown is now an independent charity.

Whilst based in the North east of England, After Sunday's mission is ultimately for the whole church - responding to an expressed need to enable and encourage Christians to live integrated lives as effective disciples and partners in God's kingdom building work.

We want After Sunday to be something that can be taken up and owned in many different places so you will find ideas about how we can work together, how you can get involved and become part of After Sunday. Perhaps you may wish to become a Friend of After Sunday and support us financially

We recognize that After Sunday is part of a much wider movement in the wider church. to help people to connect their faith with their work and the wider world. There is a real determination to break down the sacred-secular divide. How do you see this? In this section we link to some of the other organisations who share our wider mission and offer suggestions about resources or viewpoints that offer a wider perspective.

At the heart of After Sunday's approach is the idea of being the church dispersed in the world. We see the church in two modes - in Gathered mode and in Dispersed mode.  After Sunday is more focused on helping the church in its dispersed mode.  This is where we spend 98% of our time - being the church in the world.

Have a go at the After Sunday Quiz to see how After Sunday minded you are.

Please let us know what ideas you have about how we can help.


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