2.41pm on Thursday 13 June 2024

After Sunday Logo

Many people have been asked over the years what they think the After Sunday Logo represents.

Here are some of their responses:

  • The flames of Pentecost going out from the church
  • A flight of birds, geese, stealth bombers
  • The blue triangle is a church tower
  • The Trinity
  • 6 triangles to the right are 6 days of the week
  • Blue triangle is a solid base to move out from
  • Sharp triangles are like splinters of glass

The After Sunday Logo seems to sit well alongside the words of Alan Ecclestone:

All of life is spiritual, for all is part of God's creation. There is no division between sacred and secular, work and worship, religion and politics. Spirituality is not apart from our daily lives, it is our daily lives. But it is a life with a cutting edge not avoiding the pain or fear.

Alan Ecclestone


The sharp triangles can all too often feel like the cutting edge that Christians find themselves in as they work out their faith in the world.

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