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Have you seen a Burning Bush?

Have you seen a Burning Bush?
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This course is about exploring our vocation as Christians in the church and in the world. By vocation we don't just mean jobs or roles in the organised church. We see vocation as more than that and also more that doing any particular job. Our vocation is about who we are as the people God made us to be. It is about what God calls us to attend to from his point of view. It is about what our mission is in life and what actions we take to bring it to life.

Discerning our vocation is not something we can do on our own. This is a group activity that is facilitated, ideally by someone local who has been trained in the approach. Our vocations make most sense in relationship to others and need to be supported by the gathered church and leaders. Their involement is vital.

Review of “Have you seen a Burning Bush?”

Here are some comments from people who have been through Have you seen a Burning Bush?

  • "I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about Christian discipleship and who wants to discover more about the person God is calling them to be"
  • "The course really helped us to understand and encourage each other."
  • "Anyone can do this course even if you haven't done one before."
  • "I learned that vocation is not about having a job at church - it is about being the ‘real you'."
  • "This was a thought provoking and challenging course but deeply affirming."
  • "It is transforming to see how God is at work in our lives in ordinary ways."
  • "I was thrilled at the end of the course with the outcome, as it has given me confirmation and a greater confidence of my calling."
  • "Excellent.  This course helps you see your gifts and then gives you the confidence to use them."
  • "I found I had feelings and opinions I didn't know I had."

Course Outline

The Burning Bush course is in 6 session.

Session 1 Introduction to the idea of vocation and the group

Session 2/3 Exploring my gifts and who I am

Session 4 What is God calling me to attend to

Session 5 What is my mission

Session 6 What are the implications for the church and what ongoing support is needed

All the materials are available from After Sunday as is the training for local vocation facilitators.

If you are interested in this course then contact After Sunday for more information and help.

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