6.05am on Monday 25 May 2020

After Sunday Thinking

Some of the thoughts and ideas that inspire After Sunday

In a sense there is nothing particularly new about the thinking of After Sunday.  The ideas that shape our work and inspire us have been around for a long time and we respect those who we follow.

Here is some of the thinking that inspires After Sunday.  We would be interested to hear your viewpoints.

Ordinary Theology

We all have a 'theological' voice that we need to discover to enable us to speak confidently about our faith.

God at Work in the World

How do we discern and recognsie the activity of God in the world?  How do we join in with his mission to the world?

Vocation - who, me?

Calling is not just for those with the dog collars.  After Sunday believes we are all called to work with God and need encouragement to work out our voaction.

Being Church in the World

How do we understand Church and how do we see ourselves as being the Church dispersed in the world?

Sacred and Secular

How do we see the division between the sacred and the secular. Is not all of life spiritual? How can we bridge the divide?

Rooted in Experience

How do we reflect on our experince in living out our faith in everyday life and use our resources of scripture, faith tradition and our reason to make sense of life?

More Fully Human Work

What influence can we have on our everyday working lives to help to make work and the places where we work more fully human?

Living to Transform

How do we live lives that are not just morally good lives but are also transformative?

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