12.25pm on Wednesday 15 July 2020

Prayers from the South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy:

  • We pray for all who work in their own homes, housewives and husbands, parents, children, single people, bent over the washing up,heaving the laundry,cleaning and washing.Let no one take such vital work for granted,for there is a time to be Martha. Amen
  • God of love, We pray for people whose main job is to care:
    To care for a child, a parent or a relative.
    We pray for single mothers and fathers,
    Balancing the needs of the child and the need for a job outside.
    We pray for those who watch
    As someone they love grows more frail.
    We pray for those whose lives seem to disappear
    As the needs of another take over.
    God help them with their dilemmas and questions.
    God give them strength when they are weak.
    And let them know freedom. Amen
  • We thank you for voluntary workers in their own home country,
    for people in night shelters wearing thick jumpers and stirring thick soup,
    for people in mental health centres, advice bureaux and urban farms:
    no money, but much value.
    We thank you God.

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