3.39pm on Thursday 28 May 2020

Assess your Facilitation Skills

Use this self assessment questionnaire to review your current level of confidence as a facilitator and identify where you think your priorities might be for further development and growth.

Answer the questions based on your current experience across the range of situations that you might find yourself called to facilitate.

If you make sure that you are registered on the website, then your last self assessment score will be stored so you can compare you results if you re-do the self assessment at some future date.

1. Do you use sound adult learning principles when helping a group to learn or address an issue?
2. Do you specifically look for ways to draw out and build on the previous experience of learners?
3. When leading a group, do you allow opportunities for the group to think for themselves?
4. Can you operate just as effectively in a facilitative style as in an instructional style?
5. Do you readily design group processes which reflect the overall purpose of the session?
6. Do you think through the practical issues when organising a session?
7. Can you design powerful open questions that get people thinking and discovering insights for themselves?
8. Do you design questions that build on each other and lead to satisfy the purpose of the session??
9. Do you create an atmosphere within a group that makes everyone feel included and able to contribute freely?
10. Can you lay out the furniture and equipment in the room to make it easy to facilitate?
11. Are you able to create a relaxed environment that encourages participation from all members of a group?
12. Are you able to make group members feel that their views are heard and valued?
13. Can you manage time effectively when facilitating a session so that aims are achieved without feeling hurried?
14. Do you intervene at an appropriate moment during a discussion to ensure the group addresses important issues?
15. Do you find you can deal effectively with awkward members of the group in ways that help them to contribute?
16. Are you able to surface tensions and handle conflicts in constructive ways?
17. Can you enable the group to make appropriate decisions to help it to move forward?
18. Do you summarise discussions in ways that everyone feels are balanced and clear?
19. Do you ensure that there is sufficient time for action planning and to review learning?
20. Can you help individuals or the group to focus on small practical changes that could make a real difference?

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